Within days of winning the election, Pat McCrory broke his campaign promise to keep special interests out of state government. He has surrounded himself with veterans of the good ole boy network and plunged headlong into conflicts of interest unbecoming of our state’s highest office. This site provides you with some examples.

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An All-too-Familiar Tale

Former Speaker of the NC House, Jim Black, resigned in disgrace in 2007. Soon after, he began serving a 63-month prison sentence on federal corruption charges. His crime: accepting and helping to distribute large sums of money to state political campaigns from video poker interests while the industry was trying to stay alive in NC. Blank checks played a prominent role in the Black case. Now we have a new Governor in office less than 6 months who is caught in the middle of a similar situation: $235,000 in political donations from video poker interests to NC politicians, a federal investigation, blank checks and, in McCrory’s case, strong ties to the lobbyist firm chosen to disperse those blank checks “because McCrory was considered a shoo-in for governor.” Download the whole story, including sources, here. Now Pat McCrory has appointed a whole new 5-member State Board of Elections to inherit a nascent investigation into these possibly illegal campaign donations to the Governor and other top state leaders. Will the investigation continue — or will pay-to-play politics triumph over the people’s interests?

Duke Stock Prices


Pat McCrory’s most recent Statement of Interest shows that he owns more than $10,000 in Duke Energy stock. Although he is in a direct position to influence whether or not Duke rate hikes get approved (rate hikes cause utility company stock prices to go up), McCrory has refused to divest himself of that stock. He has also refused to divulge his exact holdings in that stock. And he has refused to recuse himself from decisions involving Duke Energy. Instead, he has endorsed a bill that would give him even MORE power over the factors that can drive Duke Energy’s stock price up. This situation is a recipe for self-interest and a misuse of power. Learn more about the many conflicts of interest linking Duke Energy and Pat McCrory here.

Policy for Sale

VIPA new political group affiliated with McCrory and founded by his campaign staffers has been peddling exclusive luxury resort retreats that promise participants the chance to discuss policy with McCrory behind closed doors. This opportunity is being given only to those who buy $50,000 and $25,000 memberships in the group.


PowerForSaleImage-NewPat McCrory isn’t shy about rewarding big campaign donors with plum jobs in his administration. For example, his campaign chair Aldona Wos was selected as his Secretary for Health and Human Services. Wos, her family and family business employees gave more than $200,000 to the McCrory campaign.


BudgetForSaleImage-NewArt Pope is NC’s financier of the far right. He’s bankrolled dozens of Republican candidates and campaigns. Now, McCrory has appointed him Deputy Budget Director — giving Pope unprecedented control over budget, revenue, and tax decisions in NC. Pope now has the power to force bare bones government by starving our state of revenues.

Inauguration for Sale

Inaugural DancersA new political nonprofit formed to “promote McCrory’s priorities” is raising money by sponsoring an inauguration ball that competes with the Junior League Inauguration Ball — a North Carolina tradition that has long raised money for local charities across the state.

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